Famous Failure – Abraham Lincoln

The wall depicting the US flag colors having Abraham Lincoln picture, The 16th President of the USA.

The 16th President of the United States of America and probably, the most influential and the most famous one, Abraham Lincoln story keeps on motivating millions around the globe. Born on 12th February 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky, United States, Abraham had no idea about the life he will be living that will change the course … Read more

Coronavirus: What to do During Quarantine

A young man wearing spectacles and holding pen and notebook, thinking to do things during coronavirus quarantine period

For the safety of the world, people are quarantined during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak. Many are enjoying being indoors and are carrying out their work from home. Some are taking the time to relax and enjoying family time. Many are bored and finding it hard to stay indoors, despite having internet at their disposal. I run … Read more

IELTS: How 21 Days Lockdown can Help to Reprogram the Brain

How 21 Days Lockdown Can Help To Reprogram The Brain

It’s generally believed by a psychologist that 21 days are needed to start seeing a habit change. Due to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak, most countries have announced a forced lockdown to flatten the curve of the spread. Billions are currently locked inside and are finding it hard to stay sane. Having nothing to do … Read more

Coronavirus Quarantine: List of Things You Can do

  A Child Wearing Glasses Getting Bored During Coronavirus Quaratine

Globally, people are quarantined during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak to stop the spread. It’s a state of isolation where we break any kind of human social contact and the outer world looks alien to us. Since humans are social beings, it’s unimaginable for the most to stay indoors for many weeks straight. However, many are enjoying … Read more

IDP Vs British Council IELTS Exam. The Confusion!!!

IELTS IDP Vs IELTS British Council Exam. The Difference and The Solution

Students are confused about whether to write an IDP IELTS exam or British Council IELTS exam. Many of them have the misconception that they have different checking criteria. Some believe the British Council to be fair in checking, while others think IDP offers the best exam results. You know who’s right? NONE!!! Both are the … Read more

Origin of Voxcel Group

Official Logo of Voxcel Group and Story Behind its Origin

Incorporated in the year 2013 in Ludhiana (Punjab), ‘Voxcel Group’ is trusted as the best IELTS class in Ludhiana. Founded by an International award-winning writer/filmmaker, Varun Goyal, Voxcel offers friendly ambiance and emphasizes the learning process in a creative way. Since Varun itself is a storyteller and has been telling stories since 2008, the learning … Read more

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