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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a test that assesses the candidate’s English language proficiency. These tests are conducted by Edexcel Limited, the largest UK awarding body for academic and vocational qualifications. The test is recognized globally by universities, colleges, and employers as a proof for required level of understanding of English as a language.

Scoring Pattern

The PTE test evaluates your test score on the scale of 10-90, which is set according to the global level of English. Candidates can also see their detailed marks in the test which will appropriately reflect on their sub-skills and enable skills. At Voxcel, we will help you to achieve good marks so that you can fulfill your dreams.

Item Scoring

All the material of the PTE tests is machine scored. Scores for some parts of the test are based on correctness alone, while others are based on correctness as well as formal aspects and the quality of the response. The formal aspect of the test refers to the type of response, i.e. if the response is over or under the given word limit. They are based on enabling skills. For instance, if the candidate is given the task to recall a lecture, then the points will be given on the basis of oral fluency and pronunciation.
There are two types of checking of a question – correct and incorrect. If the answer is correct, then 1 point will be given to the candidate and if it is incorrect then no point will be awarded.

Partial Credit

Some items are checked under the category of partial credit. The questions which come under this category are checked under three criteria. If the given answer is correct, then full points will be awarded to the candidate – but if the answer is partially correct, i.e. if it contains few errors, then some marks will be deducted from the maximum available marks. Thirdly, if the answer is incorrect, no points will be given.

Overall Score

The overall score obtained by the candidate will reflect their performance and consistency throughout the test. The overall range is from 10-90 and through good preparation, you can score good marks in this test.

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